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Scientific Florida helps to detect and solve problems before they occur!

Scientific Florida Inc. is a division of Positronic Inc. (est. 2007). Positronic Inc. is the business and technology consulting house that founded Scientific Florida in 2014 and anticipated the demand to provide data expert managed services solutions serving the three parallel communities Aerospace, Aviation, and Earth Observation.

Spacevisor®, operated by the Aerospace Service Operations Center ASOC™ at Kennedy Space Center, is Scientific Florida’s unparalleled innovation platform that is revolutionizing the space economy by playing a vital role in advancing digital transformation in the space industry, promoting growth in non-traditional and non-space sectors, and increasing the size of the space market as a whole while significantly reducing costs.

Spacevisor® helps the aerospace community focus its resources on pushing the boundaries of technological development and fostering a viable and sustainable space industry to expand commercial space exploration and exploitation to low-Earth orbits and beyond.


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    Boldly Beyond!


    505 Odyssey Way Suite 211
    Kennedy Space Center, FL 32953 USA
    Phone: +1-800-829-7118


    SBIC Building Suite 140
    Kapteynstraat 1
    2201 BB Noordwijk
    Phone: +31-40-841-0475